Woman’s dreamy full length evening dresses

To look like a princess: what woman has never dreamed of going to a ball with a stunning evening gown and getting everyone’s attention? Full length evening dresses make the dream of the Cinderella performance a reality.


Whether for a wedding, a formal occasion, opera, theater or a particularly fine restaurant visit: Full length evening dresses offer every woman the opportunity to slip into another role for one evening and still feel well. Hand on the heart: To make time really nice like but every woman again! However, such a transformation involves more than just long evening dresses. A little flair and a knack for styling and the right accessories needs woman too, if she dresses up for an evening to the royal lady in waiting – because after all, the long evening dresses should not be a disguise, but emphasise their own beauty.

On the one hand, full length evening dresses have to fit perfectly, so that the woman can feel comfortable in it, and on the other hand, the colour should flatter the complexion, so that the “wow effect” does not become a “well-known effect”. The classic in full length evening dresses is and remains black. But even stronger tones, such as purple or red, are allowed, as long as they match the complexion and make-up. The nude look is also trendy – especially in combination with black. Here, however, a little caution is required, as you look a little pale in this colour quickly – long style evening dresses in nude tone should therefore be contrasted with a corresponding contrast in the outfit. Of course, there are full length evening dresses in every conceivable colour and material. However, it should be remembered that even by their length, a large area arises, which therefore absolutely must fit perfectly to the type. Depending on the figure, full length evening dresses can either be applied or flattered – the right know-how is crucial.


Not only at the Oscars we see long evening dresses en masse. Long gowns are also standard on other awards and galas. And let’s be honest: In the vast majority of formal red carpet events, theĀ elegant formal dresses for ladies are actually the most exciting part of the evening. Who shines in which robe and who has committed the biggest fashion faux pas? Floor length evening gowns by Dior, Valentino, Carolina Herrera or Chanel are at the top of the wishlist on the red carpet celebrities, and the spectators in front of the television screens are almost as excited as to the gowns performed there.

No matter how nice full length evening dresses are, how suitable the colour was selected and how optimally the cut is adjusted to your curves: If the charisma and the attitude are not right, even the big performance will not succeed. The most important thing is to wear the dresses with dignity, to feel comfortable in them and to radiate that too. No one notices the woman in the sequin dress, who stands in the corner and straightens her dress with a hanging shoulder. See your evening dress as a kind of protective shield. Turn, show yourself and live in your evening dress! Take your shoulders back, go straight and be confident – a beauty prescription that is guaranteed to work better than any diet. By the way: The perfect full length dress ensures that you afterwards remember the woman – and not the dress!

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