The 7 sweetest dresses for flower children

What would a wedding without flower children be that will enchant everyone in their cute outfits? In the choice of children’s clothing meanwhile you have a large selection of pompous to childlike casual. And it’s not just girls who sprinkle flowers in front of the bride and groom, but also beautiful flower girl dresses can look absolutely cute in their suits. You will surely find inspiration for your wedding in our list of the 7 sweetest flowers for flower children!

flower firl dress

1.Retro chic with tulle sleeves

Most opt ​​for white flower girl dresses. The colour white is supposed to symbolize the innocence of the bride as a child. A tradition from the Victorian era is the addition of a colored silk ribbon around the waist like this chic flower girl.

2.Sweet ballerina look in tutu

This outfit is particularly suitable for the very small flower children. A flared tutu can simply be pulled over a comfortable top, preferably with flower print.

3.Same colour, different cuts

Flower girl dresses do not necessarily have to be white. Other shades that match the chosen wedding decoration or bridal bouquet can look quite enchanting. Likewise, every flower girl can wear a different dress with an individual cut.

4.Girlish dresses with tutu and glitter

Flower girl dresses can indeed look like wedding dresses in miniature, with glittering applications and playful tulle skirts can give the whole but also a childlike touch. Finally, even 3-year-olds assume the role of the flower child and want to feel comfortable in their wedding outfit.

flower gorl dress1

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5.flower girl all in white

Others prefer to dress flower girls like the bride all in white. So they symbolize the bride as a child and her transition into married life.

6.The bride and groom in miniature

While some prefer to be child-friendly, others find it charming to turn flower children into a kind of mini-bridal couple: the girls wear white dresses and headdresses, the boys dark suits.

7.A dress like “Beauty and the Beast”

If you like it a bit more opulent, you can dress your flower girls in little robes with flared skirts. This dress reminds us of Belle’s memorable outfit in Beauty and the Beast. That would be just right for a Disney Princess style wedding!

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