Prada’s new flagship store in Brussels

Prada has opened its first Belgian flagship store in Brussels, on one of the city’s most famous shopping streets, the Boulevard de Waterloo. At 4,300 square meters, visitors can shop for the luxury label’s ready-to-wear collections as well as leather goods, accessories and women’s and men’s footwear.


The interior of the shop is designed according to the modular system that introduced the Italian fashion house to all flagship stores at the beginning of the year, complete with black and white marble flooring. Green velvet armchairs invite guests to linger in their shoes and handbags, while red and green sofas and armchairs do so in women’s clothing.

In the men’s comfortable armchairs in gray invite you to take a breather, while large mirrors make the layout even more generous. The green velvet armchairs and other items such as rugs and marble displays were designed by Prada exclusively in the style of Osvaldo Borsani.

The opening of the Belgian flagship store is an indication that, despite falling sales, Prada sticks to its strategy of selling collections and accessories through its own channels rather than through wholesalers. This had announced the fashion house 2014 and emphasized how important own stores for the brand identity of the luxury label.

In the same year Prada had opened 79 new branches worldwide and recorded a sales increase of 9 percent. Since then, however, this increase has not been sustained. In the first half of this year, Prada’s net profit fell 18.2 percent to 116 million euros and revenue increased 5.5 percent to 1.46 billion euros compared to 1.55 billion euros a year earlier.

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