Is this the next crazy trend for the eyebrows – or really cool?

If the eyebrows from years of plucking have become thin and shapeless, this new beauty trend will definitely help you. Eyebrow wigs are now announced. What that is and how exactly they work, you will find out here.


Eyebrows give the face a frame and should therefore not be neglected in make-up. The times of super thin brows are long gone. That’s why we no longer just pluck and trim, we dye the eyebrows or use eyebrow pencils or eyebrow gel to fill in gaps and get even, full eyebrows. This is quite a lot of effort and also requires a lot of skill. A great alternative is therefore the latest beauty trend: Eyebrow-Wigs.

The term is composed of the English words “eyebrow” for eyebrow and “wig” for wig. The wigs for the eyebrows were actually intended only for cancer patients who have lost their eyebrows through chemotherapy.

In the meantime, however, the eyebrows for gluing have become a real beauty trend. This is mainly because the eyebrow wigs are super practical and will last a long time. The wigs consist of a thin net on which are many small hairs. With an eyelash glue you can stick the wig on the real eyebrows. The net is blinded with make-up and is then no longer visible. So you get full eyebrows in seconds.


Currently you can not buy the wig for full eyebrows in Germany yet. However, it is probably only a matter of time before it is also on the shelves of the drugstores. Until then, we only have to order the eyebrows in international online shops. Brow-Wigs are available in different colours like blond or brown and in different densities. Even with the shape you can choose between different models. However, it is advisable to use a wig that is similar in form to your own brow. Eyebrows can change the entire facial expression.

In colour, if your own eyebrows are too light, you can choose a slightly darker colour. Main thing the full eyebrows fit harmoniously to your hair colour. Too dark, the wig should not fail, otherwise it looks unnatural and does not fit your type. In addition, dark brows visually reduce the eyes.

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