How to combine sweatshirts the best

The name “sweatshirt” (sweat) was originally reserved for sports sweaters, which due to their inside should absorb the sweat of the athletes. This is usually no longer the case today – at first, designer sweaters became a label statement, and now sweatshirts are taking over the office floor. How you can carry the Allrounder always and everywhere you will find out now.


You can easily turn a sweatshirt from a sporty piece to an office-ready look, preferably a blouse with a collar under the sweater. The blouse collar gives the casual sweatshirt the necessary elegance it needs in the office. It is important that you combine your sweater in the office floor to noble materials, for example, wear a pair of trousers made of leather or brocade and enhance the look with luxurious accessories. Not to forget, of course, high heels. Sneakers let you better stand in the closet when styling an office look.

Tip: For plain sweaters, the blouse collar can be a little more opulent and glitter with sparkle. Sweaters with gemstones, pearls or sequins should do without the statement necklace.

While our beloved flats in the form of sneakers or flat ankle boots had to stay in the shoe rack while they worked, they are ready for work after work. Styled for everyday look, sweaters are currently the absolute favorites of fashionistas. During the Paris Fashion Week we saw the 1-A-styled ladies in long-sweats for maxi-skirt or casually in skinny jeans, sweaters and sneakers.

Tip: The jogging pants are also not part of the leisure look when combined with a pullover – unless it is made of leather and has a narrow leg cut.

Even at the club or at an evening restaurant visit, a really casual sweatshirt can hold its own. Here it is advisable to create a mix of both, the office look and the street style. So combine elegant, fine pieces with casual, coarse parts, style an urban look like a long skirt, leather chelsea boots, a sweater and filigree jewelry, transform your office look a bit and replace the suit trousers through a skinny leather pants or even wear an elegant silk dress under a casual sweater – that too works.

Tip: Roll up the sleeves of your sweater slightly so that your wrists are free. The look looks much more feminine.

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