The 7 sweetest dresses for flower children

What would a wedding without flower children be that will enchant everyone in their cute outfits? In the choice of children’s clothing meanwhile you have a large selection of pompous to childlike casual. And it’s not just girls who sprinkle flowers in front of the bride and groom, but also beautiful flower girl dresses can look absolutely cute in their suits. You will surely find inspiration for your wedding in our list of the 7 sweetest flowers for flower children!

flower firl dress

1.Retro chic with tulle sleeves

Most opt ​​for white flower girl dresses. The colour white is supposed to symbolize the innocence of the bride as a child. A tradition from the Victorian era is the addition of a colored silk ribbon around the waist like this chic flower girl.

2.Sweet ballerina look in tutu

This outfit is particularly suitable for the very small flower children. A flared tutu can simply be pulled over a comfortable top, preferably with flower print.

3.Same colour, different cuts

Flower girl dresses do not necessarily have to be white. Other shades that match the chosen wedding decoration or bridal bouquet can look quite enchanting. Likewise, every flower girl can wear a different dress with an individual cut.

4.Girlish dresses with tutu and glitter

Flower girl dresses can indeed look like wedding dresses in miniature, with glittering applications and playful tulle skirts can give the whole but also a childlike touch. Finally, even 3-year-olds assume the role of the flower child and want to feel comfortable in their wedding outfit.

flower gorl dress1

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5.flower girl all in white

Others prefer to dress flower girls like the bride all in white. So they symbolize the bride as a child and her transition into married life.

6.The bride and groom in miniature

While some prefer to be child-friendly, others find it charming to turn flower children into a kind of mini-bridal couple: the girls wear white dresses and headdresses, the boys dark suits.

7.A dress like “Beauty and the Beast”

If you like it a bit more opulent, you can dress your flower girls in little robes with flared skirts. This dress reminds us of Belle’s memorable outfit in Beauty and the Beast. That would be just right for a Disney Princess style wedding!

May we introduce: This is the new It-Bag of the stars

In Hollywood, a new pocket trend seems to have broken out. No matter where you look, you can see stars like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Amal Clooney or Blake Lively with a very specific pocket on the wrist.

women's bag

Which bag is it? To the model ” Bancroft” by Michael Kors. But no wonder: the bag is not only extremely stylish, but also extremely practical.

The “Bancroft” is in fact a real space miracle: nicely spacious and it can also be worn thanks to removable shoulder strap either as a handle or shoulder bag.

Characteristic of the models of the “Bancroft” series is the iconic rectangular buckle, which is available in either gold or silver metal. In addition, the interior of the bag can be expanded or reduced depending on the desired volume: Simply open the practical push buttons, which are located inside the corners of the bag, or close for the more compact version.

Thanks to the foldable side panels you can get two different optics and sizes by just one movement. Sounds good, right?

There are three different models in the “Bancroft” series: The Tote, the Medium Satchel and the Large Satchel Bag. The bag is available in solid colours, but also in bi-colour design with contrasting flap and handles. So there is something for every taste.

Prada’s new flagship store in Brussels

Prada has opened its first Belgian flagship store in Brussels, on one of the city’s most famous shopping streets, the Boulevard de Waterloo. At 4,300 square meters, visitors can shop for the luxury label’s ready-to-wear collections as well as leather goods, accessories and women’s and men’s footwear.


The interior of the shop is designed according to the modular system that introduced the Italian fashion house to all flagship stores at the beginning of the year, complete with black and white marble flooring. Green velvet armchairs invite guests to linger in their shoes and handbags, while red and green sofas and armchairs do so in women’s clothing.

In the men’s comfortable armchairs in gray invite you to take a breather, while large mirrors make the layout even more generous. The green velvet armchairs and other items such as rugs and marble displays were designed by Prada exclusively in the style of Osvaldo Borsani.

The opening of the Belgian flagship store is an indication that, despite falling sales, Prada sticks to its strategy of selling collections and accessories through its own channels rather than through wholesalers. This had announced the fashion house 2014 and emphasized how important own stores for the brand identity of the luxury label.

In the same year Prada had opened 79 new branches worldwide and recorded a sales increase of 9 percent. Since then, however, this increase has not been sustained. In the first half of this year, Prada’s net profit fell 18.2 percent to 116 million euros and revenue increased 5.5 percent to 1.46 billion euros compared to 1.55 billion euros a year earlier.

How to combine sweatshirts the best

The name “sweatshirt” (sweat) was originally reserved for sports sweaters, which due to their inside should absorb the sweat of the athletes. This is usually no longer the case today – at first, designer sweaters became a label statement, and now sweatshirts are taking over the office floor. How you can carry the Allrounder always and everywhere you will find out now.


You can easily turn a sweatshirt from a sporty piece to an office-ready look, preferably a blouse with a collar under the sweater. The blouse collar gives the casual sweatshirt the necessary elegance it needs in the office. It is important that you combine your sweater in the office floor to noble materials, for example, wear a pair of trousers made of leather or brocade and enhance the look with luxurious accessories. Not to forget, of course, high heels. Sneakers let you better stand in the closet when styling an office look.

Tip: For plain sweaters, the blouse collar can be a little more opulent and glitter with sparkle. Sweaters with gemstones, pearls or sequins should do without the statement necklace.

While our beloved flats in the form of sneakers or flat ankle boots had to stay in the shoe rack while they worked, they are ready for work after work. Styled for everyday look, sweaters are currently the absolute favorites of fashionistas. During the Paris Fashion Week we saw the 1-A-styled ladies in long-sweats for maxi-skirt or casually in skinny jeans, sweaters and sneakers.

Tip: The jogging pants are also not part of the leisure look when combined with a pullover – unless it is made of leather and has a narrow leg cut.

Even at the club or at an evening restaurant visit, a really casual sweatshirt can hold its own. Here it is advisable to create a mix of both, the office look and the street style. So combine elegant, fine pieces with casual, coarse parts, style an urban look like a long skirt, leather chelsea boots, a sweater and filigree jewelry, transform your office look a bit and replace the suit trousers through a skinny leather pants or even wear an elegant silk dress under a casual sweater – that too works.

Tip: Roll up the sleeves of your sweater slightly so that your wrists are free. The look looks much more feminine.

Woman’s dreamy full length evening dresses

To look like a princess: what woman has never dreamed of going to a ball with a stunning evening gown and getting everyone’s attention? Full length evening dresses make the dream of the Cinderella performance a reality.


Whether for a wedding, a formal occasion, opera, theater or a particularly fine restaurant visit: Full length evening dresses offer every woman the opportunity to slip into another role for one evening and still feel well. Hand on the heart: To make time really nice like but every woman again! However, such a transformation involves more than just long evening dresses. A little flair and a knack for styling and the right accessories needs woman too, if she dresses up for an evening to the royal lady in waiting – because after all, the long evening dresses should not be a disguise, but emphasise their own beauty.

On the one hand, full length evening dresses have to fit perfectly, so that the woman can feel comfortable in it, and on the other hand, the colour should flatter the complexion, so that the “wow effect” does not become a “well-known effect”. The classic in full length evening dresses is and remains black. But even stronger tones, such as purple or red, are allowed, as long as they match the complexion and make-up. The nude look is also trendy – especially in combination with black. Here, however, a little caution is required, as you look a little pale in this colour quickly – long style evening dresses in nude tone should therefore be contrasted with a corresponding contrast in the outfit. Of course, there are full length evening dresses in every conceivable colour and material. However, it should be remembered that even by their length, a large area arises, which therefore absolutely must fit perfectly to the type. Depending on the figure, full length evening dresses can either be applied or flattered – the right know-how is crucial.


Not only at the Oscars we see long evening dresses en masse. Long gowns are also standard on other awards and galas. And let’s be honest: In the vast majority of formal red carpet events, the elegant formal dresses for ladies are actually the most exciting part of the evening. Who shines in which robe and who has committed the biggest fashion faux pas? Floor length evening gowns by Dior, Valentino, Carolina Herrera or Chanel are at the top of the wishlist on the red carpet celebrities, and the spectators in front of the television screens are almost as excited as to the gowns performed there.

No matter how nice full length evening dresses are, how suitable the colour was selected and how optimally the cut is adjusted to your curves: If the charisma and the attitude are not right, even the big performance will not succeed. The most important thing is to wear the dresses with dignity, to feel comfortable in them and to radiate that too. No one notices the woman in the sequin dress, who stands in the corner and straightens her dress with a hanging shoulder. See your evening dress as a kind of protective shield. Turn, show yourself and live in your evening dress! Take your shoulders back, go straight and be confident – a beauty prescription that is guaranteed to work better than any diet. By the way: The perfect full length dress ensures that you afterwards remember the woman – and not the dress!

Clare Waight Keller becomes new head designer at Givenchy

The chairs in neuralgic positions in the traditional fashion houses continues. After just over a week ago Natacha Ramsay-Levi was presented as the new chief designer at Cloe, another luxury Paris label is now turning to new faces in its creative department.


According to Riccardo Tisci, who gave up his job as creative director at Givenchy in January, will soon be joining Versace. Whether and when he will actually take up a new position there is still completely open. What is certain, however, is that Givenchy has been looking for a replacement for Tisci. According to the company belonging to the luxury goods group LVMH, Clare Waight Keller is to be hired as the new creative director.

Wright Keller, who already worked as a designer for Chloe, is following in her new job in big footsteps. For example, industry figures such as John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Julien Macdonald already held the same position for Givenchy. At the same time, she is only the second woman to artistically manage a fashion brand of LVMH. Before her only Maria Grazia Chiuri held a similar position with Christian Dior.

Givenchy boss Philippe Fortunato meanwhile places high hopes in his new creative director. In a first statement, Fortunato said he was convinced that Wright Keller would be able to “unleash the full potential of the brand.” This is remarkable in that Tisci’s predecessor did not manage to translate Givenchy’s style into the present and continue to successfully place it on the market – despite Tisci’s brand in one of the US rapper scene and Hollywood celebrities had placed certain environment.

His pronounced sense of sportiness, graphic design elements and modern pop-optics made Tisci the darling of the Instagram generation between Beonce and Kim Kardashian – a world in which the brand probably no longer wants to position itself.

With Wright Keller, the Givenchy bosses have now found a chief designer, which stylistically represents a hard break to Tisci. Loud, gaudy celebrity hysteria and social media narcissism are rather alien to her, she prefers the soft tones – both linguistically and stylistically in her designs. The Britin stands for friendly-reserved cuts and muted colours, for the great art of beautiful monochrome.

Now Wright Keller Givenchy back to the original line Hubert de Givenchys back, who founded the label in 1952. In the early years, great personalities such as Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy stood for Givenchy. Therefore, the goal seems to be to reclaim this aesthetics and validity again. After all, no one will write the sentence in 30 years. “The brand’s strongest personalities included celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.”

Is this the next crazy trend for the eyebrows – or really cool?

If the eyebrows from years of plucking have become thin and shapeless, this new beauty trend will definitely help you. Eyebrow wigs are now announced. What that is and how exactly they work, you will find out here.


Eyebrows give the face a frame and should therefore not be neglected in make-up. The times of super thin brows are long gone. That’s why we no longer just pluck and trim, we dye the eyebrows or use eyebrow pencils or eyebrow gel to fill in gaps and get even, full eyebrows. This is quite a lot of effort and also requires a lot of skill. A great alternative is therefore the latest beauty trend: Eyebrow-Wigs.

The term is composed of the English words “eyebrow” for eyebrow and “wig” for wig. The wigs for the eyebrows were actually intended only for cancer patients who have lost their eyebrows through chemotherapy.

In the meantime, however, the eyebrows for gluing have become a real beauty trend. This is mainly because the eyebrow wigs are super practical and will last a long time. The wigs consist of a thin net on which are many small hairs. With an eyelash glue you can stick the wig on the real eyebrows. The net is blinded with make-up and is then no longer visible. So you get full eyebrows in seconds.


Currently you can not buy the wig for full eyebrows in Germany yet. However, it is probably only a matter of time before it is also on the shelves of the drugstores. Until then, we only have to order the eyebrows in international online shops. Brow-Wigs are available in different colours like blond or brown and in different densities. Even with the shape you can choose between different models. However, it is advisable to use a wig that is similar in form to your own brow. Eyebrows can change the entire facial expression.

In colour, if your own eyebrows are too light, you can choose a slightly darker colour. Main thing the full eyebrows fit harmoniously to your hair colour. Too dark, the wig should not fail, otherwise it looks unnatural and does not fit your type. In addition, dark brows visually reduce the eyes.